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What separates a great salesperson from the average one? How to discover the hidden motives of customers and build long lasting partnerships? Allow us to discuss your challenges and design the most appropriate program for your sales team to achieve above-average results. Custom sales training will provide you with the best yield. If you are an individual, you are invited to our intensive, interactive and advanced workshops for building your sales skills and self management, , establishing trust, discovering needs, close the sales and other. Above all, we will make sure that you always get the latest knowledge and practical examples.

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An advanced sales program for sales managers and future sales team leaders, where you will test what you have learned on practical examples on the same day. An excellent group of lecturers with a wealth of knowledge and their sales stories will impress you. The academy consists of 10 one-day modules. Login and details at the click of a button.


You suffer from a lack of time since you are constantly with clients or on the business trips. Treat yourself with a 3-day intensive sales spinning, where we will discover all possible aspects of sales situations, sales processes and how to successfully lead your sales team. Suitable for all salespeople, key account managers, team leaders and sales directors. Maintain your sales condition with new approaches.

ABM - Account Based Marketing

Introduce a 4-step ABM model into your organization that will give salespeople guidance and structure, and the marketing department a real insight into sales needs and tasks to find prospective customers. The model is the basis for the acquisition of new opportunities in the B2B segment.


Partnership cooperation is a long-term sales strategy that has positive effects on business stability, higher margins and higher business profitability. Learn how to structure a customer work plan and how to implement the plan into the sales process.


The 9 steps of a sales call form the basis of any conversation with a customer. Be it a conversation over the phone, in person or online. If we follow them consistently, they lead us to a quick and successful closing of the sale. What's more, we are well on our way from customer to great business partner. The workshop duration - 1 day.


If you haven't consistently followed the 9 steps of a sales call, you'll most probably run into objections. However, resolving objections can be fun and, above all, less stressful, if you know how to handle them. Win the objection resolution model in a 1-day practical workshop. Remember to bring the most common objections to the training so we can resolve them immediately.


What is important for a perfect sales pitch? We will talk about three foundations: you, presentation material, and tools. Aim of this workshop is to teach you how to design, prepare and stand out with a sales presentation so your performance gets memorized. You will learn what sales and NLP techniques to apply with different customers. The workshop duration is 4 pedagogical hours.


Sales funnel automation, process digitization, and the use of innovative tools are essential to handle sales opportunities. We carry out 2-3 day touch point workshops with Belgian partners using advanced and AI tools for the modern operation of the sales department. With coaching, we additionally make sure that employees are engaged and motivated. Take advantage of technology to your advantage.

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