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Internal User Experience (UX/CX)

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Building trust and giving feedback

In an age of extremely high consumer expectations, the user experience has emerged as a new competitive battleground.

- Jake Sorofman, Gartner

Today, customers are in total control. With the rapid introduction of modern technologies and information accessibility, customers know more about your products, services and what reputation you have than ever before. At the same time we are dealing with customer's expectations being higher and higher.

According to eConsultancy research, 89% of consumers confirmed that a great user experience (CX) is a key factor for brand loyalty.

What about the CX of our co-workers?

If you are looking for a competitive advantage, more committed and loyal employees and thus higher revenues, focusing on CX not only customers, but also employees, will pave the way for you to achieve these goals.

Our task is to identify gaps together with you, create a plan and a way to upgrade positive experiences to achieve results faster..

When you delegate work to a team member, it is your job to clearly define success and describe goals.

- Steven Sinofsky, former CEO of Microsoft

Are you a leader who is constantly under stress because of too many open tasks at once? Are you always late with submitting materials or replying colleagues because you just can't do everything?

Yes, you have fallen into the trap of non-delegating. Either because you don't have anyone and it might be the right time to seek help, or you have poorly distributed tasks among your co-workers. There are a number of other reasons as well for certain situation, the only question is which way out will you look for.

What does delegation mean and why is it such an important task for leaders?

Have you thought that you can create a great team by delegating ?! Building teams through delegation will also have other positive effects.

Take the test and find out your current status.


Corporate culture is the only sustainable competitive advantage that is completely under the control of the entrepreneur. 

  - David Cummings, co-founder of Pardot

The most beautiful feature of leadership is creating the culture of the company you want. In doing so, it is important that you actually live the culture.

The record of the company's vision must be communicated with all employees and put into practice through the activities you carry out. Because employees are not just ambassadors, but the most important business partner.

There are effective ways to build trust among co-workers. We place special emphasis on feedback as a communication tolls, especially when addressing less pleasant topics.

To stay sovereign at all times, join us in learning the tools to build trust, give proper feedback, and build a creative culture.

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