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"The digital transformation of sales and marketing is one of the biggest challenges of this era."

How successful are your leaders in their work? When was the last time you sent salespeople to sales training? Are you responsible for business success, and the atmosphere in the team is not promising?

I am a sales and business coach, and I found my mission in transfer of knowledge that helps managers and employees achieve out-standing results. With network of partnering experts we help companies to empower and develop their employees, motivate them and give managers all the tools to succeed.

Customers decide to work with us:

  • when they want to improve business results,
  • build trust and motivation in the group,
  • upgrade the leadership competencies of their leaders and
  • enable co-workers to work with the coach.

We use modern and proven methods at our work, supported by tools and different techniques. We share the tools with the participants for immediate application in their work and quick results.

Keep your team tuned at all times. With you as a leader and among members.

There are pillars for any team development: knowing yourself, what motivates you and motivational triggers of your team members. We are guided by building authentic relationships be it at work or not. High educational and ethics standards are incorporated in our work and we are passing those values to all participants of our training and workshops.

Photo: Staš Zidar Grča.

Innovation for success

group coaching

The development of social-emotional competencies is the greatest virtue of group coaching. With it, we develop the ability to communicate, build relationships, improve self-esteem and increase self-confidence, and above all, sharpen our understanding of ourselves, our surroundings and others. All indicators are measurable results of the group. Allow the team to build, opt for group coaching.

leadership coaching

Usually we talk about leadership coaching that strengthens and develops leadership skills. Nevertheless, coaching itself also strengthens other aspects of a leader's personality (empathy, decision-making ability, resilience, emotional stability). Let setting goals, achieving results, making decisions, leading by example, establishing genuine relationships be your competitive advantage.

Team development

In order to develop a team, you need to decide what kind of culture you will build, what vision you will share and what will you encourage in daily tasks. Group dynamics must have foundations that are likely forgotten in fast-paced and changing circumstances. It's up to you who you want to attract into team, but let us lead you in building of group dynamics together.

sales automation tools

The partnership between Spiriton company and Future Marketing Agency from Belgium is established to implement modern and latest sales tools into every company in Slovenia. We support digitalization of sales processes (Walletly), the influx of sales opportunities (Chatbots) and education of sales reps on modern approaches and techniques in fast changing environments.

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